Saturday, October 22, 2011

Honda Jazz


Jazz, I really love this name and after taking close look from inside I got my answer why they put this name called Jazz. My thought is J stands for jagah (Space) that is huge space inside it, so from A to Z its space everywhereJ, don’t mind it’s my thought. Honda utilized the space very well in this model. It has enough space to carry 4 big Punjabi guys without compromising any comfort. It has enough shoulder room, head room, leg space for everyone. Jazz also got some thing new and that is it’s rear seat which lift, easily split and fold. If you fold it down into the floor you can get enough space to adjust a tall stuff (like new washing machine or a refrigerator) inside the flat storage area; I forgot to mention that it’s having 366 litres of boot area. The only problem with the front seats is it’s not height adjustable, sorry for small guys you have to use pillows. Jazz is a car with 10 cup holders; don’t be surprised you can count it. Jazz is having maximum space in hatchback segments. Definitely in space it beats arc rival Skoda Fabia.

 Jazz came up with nice interiors, textures and great choice of colors. Steering wheel with audio control is fully adjustable and looks pretty much Honda city style. Jazz dashboard is very impressive and rich looking. Music system is quite ok with four speakers but it has more buttons on it.  You will also get real time fuel consumption information. In the base model also, you will get 2 airbags, ABS, steering audio controls – very impressive but when you see the price of base model (8 lakh + on road) – your expression will definitely change! But price wise, I can say Fabia is better than Jazz.

 Let’s talk about Jazz engine, 1198 cc, SOHC i-VTEC engine is more refined and smooth. When motor starts you can’t hear anything from inside. This i-VTEC improves the overall efficiency and car manages to make 90 Ps of power. For an engine of 1.2 litres managing this power is very impressive and it also takes just 13.3 seconds to get 100 from zero. The bad part is engine lacks torque; it develops a peak torque of 110 Nm at a high 4800 rpm. But still you can drive little hassle free in top gear in city like Bangalore. Jazz also promises a great mileage close to 16.1 kmpl. Suspension is also very well tested in all conditions. It gives a quite decent ride on bumpy surface as well. At this price tag Honda should give more quality ride and should absorb most of the bumps of Indian road. Ride quality is also very close to Skoda Fabia which is close to 1 and half lakh less expensive.

 Best part of Honda Jazz is safety features; it comes up with airbags and ABS in all models. It also received a 5 star rating for crash safety.

 Jazz is quite expensive in its hatchback segment but you can consider it if you are looking for more space (that you can’t get in any other hatchback), great safety features and impressive interior.
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