Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The New Toyota Supra

Toyota started the Supra project back in the days when it was still testing the ground to see if it could sell Luxury vehicles in the US, of course, now that Lexus is dominating the luxury segment in the states (and not doing too badly here either), the answer was an obvious yes.

However a few years ago Toyota went a little crazy, they decided that they no longer needed proper sports cars, they dumped the MR2 (After they turned it into the revolting male hairdresser car, which was its last incarnation), they dumped the Celica (having already dumped the GT4 version of the celicas some time ago) and they had already given up on the Supra back in 2002.
So whilst I say toyota gave up on sports cars, they of course had the Lexus IS series, but since Toyota wants to stay very separate to Lexus, there is no point in counting the IS series as part of Toyota’s sports line up. Hence began the era of “Sportivo” the horrible name associated with front-wheel-drive vehicles that were nothing more than a last minute decision to add some “sportyness” to the brand.
Of course for those who bought the likes of Camry/Corollo Sportivos, the sheer shame of driving a car named sportivo should have been enough disappointment, but Toyota has gotten away with having no real sports car for a very long time!
So enough about Toyota’s mistakes, lets just take a few minutes and admire this car:

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