Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Most likely not the new BMW 6 Series, but we wouldn’t mind it

The 2010 BMW 6 Series subject continues here at your favorite blog. Yesterday we spoke in depth about the new generation 6 Series, an evolutionary car that is already portraying itself as being intriguing.
Built on a new platform longer than the current generation, the 2010 6 Series takes the premium sports car segment to a new level. With some elements imported from the now defunct  CS Consept  but also from the recently released 7 series the new 6 Series takes an evolutionary approach instead of a completely radical new design.
The first major change in the design is the hardtop feature, similar to the one found in the 3 Series Convertible models, replacing the soft top seen in the current 6er. The front-end will somewhat resemble the CS model, but up to a point and we should not expect to see a replica of that model. The larger than usual front-grille seems to be a characteristic in the recent and future BMW models and our sources indicate that the 6 Series will follow the same path.
We will not go into all the details we have discussed yesterday, you can always catch them here, but we would rather show you an older, but interesting image rendering done by the folks at Schulte Design.
Even though their computer generated image resembles in many ways the CS Concept, we find it to be quite attractive and …..we wouldn’t mind if the final product will follow these design lines.
But that’s another story about what we want and the reality surrounding us, so we will rather let you speak your mind.
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