Saturday, November 20, 2010


Many tuners are trying to modify those vehicles that look perfect also in their stock version. But some of them can produce very nice modifications that look even better than those stocks. And one of these companies is today’s ABT Sportsline.

This bodykit called Extravagant isn’t some coincidence. It was created to celebrate the 110th anniversary of ABT Sportsline. This long era is a strong proof that also small company can become powerful. So this product has to be more than perfect.

The tuner has focused on visual improvements of this beautiful machine. So it has prepared a visual kit including both bumpers, side sills and rear wing.

The front part has dominating front bumper with rib opening modified to have only one pair of ribs. Also air openings are covered with a honeycomb black grill.

There are tow pairs of spoilers in the front placed under the bumper with a diffuser between them. It’s available also in a carbon variation
The side sills are visible on the car’s sides. Their fine rounded lines are very pleasing. They’re visually lowering the ride and bring some nice amount of extravagance.

There is also another tiny change – a pair of vertical openings for air intake to the engine.

The Audi R8’s rear part was heavily modified. The biggest change is the rear bumper with three new skewed openings. One of them is situated under the trunk including a big badge of ABT. It’s used as an off take for hot air from the engine area and remaining two openings are for hot air from brakes. They’re connected with an elegant rounded line.

We can find there also a big diffuser (carbon version available) coordinating air under the car. There are also interesting exhaust tips placed in the bumper’s corners. The best possible aerodynamics is provided by the sporting wing on the trunk.

ABT Sportsline did some nice job under the hood too. They’ve modified the V8’s ECU and installed a mechanical compressor to increase the power for 110hp and 120NM. So now we have the tuned Audi R8 offering 530hp and 550Nm of torque. This means 3.9 seconds to beat the 100 km/h and top speed of 317 km/h.

The higher performance needs the best suspension too – new ABT shock-absorbers, bigger and durable 380 mm brake discs and highlight in case of new rims – beautiful 5-spoke doubled rims (9x20 in front and 11x20 at the back). They have same color as the body and wears ultra low-profile tires.
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